An Apache Mesos committer is a contributor who has been given write access to the Apache Mesos code repository and related Apache infrastructure. In the Mesos project, each committer is also a voting member of the PMC.

Becoming a committer

Every new committer has to be proposed by a current committer and then voted in by the members of the Mesos PMC. For details about this process and for candidate requirements see the general Apache guidelines for assessing new candidates for committership. Candidates prepare for their nomination as committer by contributing to the Mesos project and its community, by acting according to the Apache Way, and by generally following the path from contributor to committer for Apache projects. Specifically for the Mesos project, you can make use of the Apache Mesos Committer Candidate Checklist for suggestions of what kind of contributions and demonstrated behaviors can be instrumental, and to keep track of your progress.

Current Committers

We'd like to thank the following committers to the Apache Mesos project who have helped get the project to where it is today. This list might be stale, the canonical list is located on Apache's website.

Timezone GMT Full Name Company/Organization IRC Handle Email Address
-8 Ross Allen
-8 Adam B Mesosphere
-8 Tim Chen Mesosphere tnachen
-8 Ian Downes Twitter idownes
-8 Ali Ghodsi UC Berkeley
-8 Dominic Hamon
-8 Benjamin Hindman Mesosphere _benh_
-8 Ian Holsman
-8 Vinod Kone Twitter vinodkone
-8 Andy Konwinski UC Berkeley
-8 Dave Lester Twitter dlester
-8 Benjamin Mahler Twitter bmahler
-8 Thomas Marshall Carnegie Mellon University
-8 Brenden Matthews Mesosphere brenden_
-8 Chris Mattmann NASA JPL
-8 Brian McCallister Groupon
-8 Niklas Quarfot Nielsen Mesosphere niq_
-8 Charles Reiss UC Berkeley
-5 Timothy St Clair Redhat tstclair
+2 Till Toenshoff Mesosphere tillt
-8 Thomas White Cloudera
-8 Yan Xu Twitter xujyan
-8 Jie Yu Twitter jieyu
-8 Matei Alexandru Zaharia Databricks

If you're interested in becoming a committer yourself, the best way to do so is by participating in developer discussions and contributing patches to the project.

Component Maintainers

We currently make no distinction between committers and PMC members. As such, every committer is responsible for the quality of the entire codebase. Some components are widely maintained (e.g. build and support tooling, tests, etc), whereas some components are inherently more critical / complex and have committers with increased context, interest, and long-term perspective.

We aim to have more than one maintainer for each component, in order to ensure that contributors can obtain timely feedback. To avoid information silos, we encourage committers to learn about areas of the code that they are unfamiliar with.

When sending reviews, it can be valuable to consult the component maintainers, as specified below. Component maintainers do not have any special "ownership" over the code, but merely serve as a resource for obtaining valuable feedback in a timely manner. We trust every committer to use good judgement to determine when to obtain feedback from component maintainers.

Component Maintainers (alphabetical)
Master / Slave Benjamin Hindman, Vinod Kone, Benjamin Mahler, Jie Yu
Framework API Benjamin Hindman, Vinod Kone, Benjamin Mahler, Jie Yu
State Libraries Benjamin Hindman, Benjamin Mahler
Replicated Log Benjamin Hindman, Jie Yu
ZooKeeper Bindings Benjamin Hindman, Vinod Kone, Benjamin Mahler, Yan Xu
Authentication / Authorization Adam B, Vinod Kone, Till Toenshoff
Modules / Hooks Niklas Nielsen, Benjamin Hindman
CLI maintainers needed
WebUI maintainers needed
Project Website Dave Lester


Component Maintainers (alphabetical)
Mesos Containerizer Ian Downes, Jie Yu
Docker Containerizer Tim Chen, Benjamin Hindman
External Containerizer Till Toenshoff, Benjamin Hindman

C++ Libraries

Component Maintainers (alphabetical)
Libprocess Benjamin Hindman, Benjamin Mahler, Jie Yu
Stout Benjamin Hindman, Vinod Kone, Benjamin Mahler, Jie Yu