Mesos Code Internals

Top-level directories in the Mesos distribution

  • 3rdparty - Contains necessary open source third party software that Mesos leverages for things such as logging, etc.
  • docs - Documentation that's packaged/shipped with each release.
  • ec2 - Scripts for launching a Mesos cluster on EC2. See the wiki page on "EC2-Scripts".
  • frameworks - Included Mesos Frameworks. See the READMEs in each one. See the App/Framework development guide for a crash course in how Mesos Frameworks get resources from the Mesos master.
  • include - Contains headers that contain the interfaces that Mesos users need in order to interact with Mesos (e.g. the Mesos Framework API)
  • src - Contains the entire Mesos source tree. See below for more details about the directories inside of src.

Mesos source code

The Mesos source code (found in MESOS_HOME/src) is organized into the following hierarchy:

  • common - Shared source files (such as utilities and data structures).
  • deploy
  • detector
  • examples
  • exec
  • files
  • launcher
  • linux
  • local
  • log
  • logging
  • master - Source files specific to the mesos-master daemon.
  • mesos
  • messages
  • python
  • sasl
  • scaling
  • sched - Source files specific to the mesos-slave daemon.
  • slave
  • tests
  • webui
  • zookeeper